OxAdsorb Complete: Fibromyalgia Rx Calcium-Magnesium-Alkali 12oz

A safe differently formulated mineral-based, oxalate-binder that also supplies bone and cell metabolism supporting magnesium/calcium as well as the additional bone-protecting and anti-inflammatory alkali; specially formulated for both ingestion (to bind and trap oxalate inside the intestine) and to be added to high oxalate-containing foods (to bind oxalate in the food before ingestion) to aid in support of preventing symptoms of oxalate crystal-related musculoskeletal (fibromyalgia, arthritis, frozen shoulder) and urinary system (kidney stones) syndromes. Use of this formula provides the benefit of magnesium as a possible stool softener in those that tend toward hard stools, constipation or those not affected by the diarrheogenic effect of magnesium supplementation.

OxAdsorb Complete
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