Oral Step 3: Essentially Fresh & Clean Herbal Kissable Mouthwash

This naturally formulated mouthwash combines organic essential oils with herbal extracts to suppress the growth of
foul-smelling bacteria, leaving your mouth and breath clean, fresh and healthy. However as with the use of any mouthwash, a
suppressant effect on the oral flora (similar to how oral antibiotics suppress the intestinal flora) optimally should be
followed by a rebuilding of the desirable friendly oral bacteria, lest the undesirable bacterial populations grow back in greater
abundance (which is the usual scenario). To avoid this, use this mouthwash in combination with our Oro-Intestinal Fitness™
dental antacid, tooth polish and oral probiotic, in the 4-step maintenance of optimal oral hygiene and flora health.

Oro-Intestinal Fitness Oral Step 3
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