Latest CD: Heal Me Now - Rock On Lord Double CD

In November 2019, a Divine Musical prophecy came to me, calling me to record a spiritual album and in a very specific way...that it would be called Heal Me Now...and that I was to make it available as soon as possible. It seemed at the time, that there would be trying times ahead and that this musical recording would be a source of healing, love, and spiritual healthfulness brought by God through this creation.

This new musical suite (35min in length) plus 22 additional songs of a spiritual nature are now available on this 2-CD package

The prophecy described 6 ways this spiritual musical medicine album would heal:

  • 6. Heal a bodily/physical ailment
  • 5. Help you become healthier and happier with restoration of lost hope if needed
  • 4. Help you become more creative as you connect with your life purpose
  • 3. Heal heartache and bring new/renewed love to your life and the world
  • 2. Help extend your focus to the well-being of others to improve your own well-being
  • 1. Improve your conscious spiritual connection with God and Goodness, and provide spiritual protection for your overall safety and well-being in these challenging times.
Heal Me Now Rock On Lord CD
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